WISAM Virtual Conference Series - FAQ

  1. What is a virtual event? A virtual event is essentially an event that you can attend from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or wherever else you can think of, through your personal computer or mobile device. Think of it as attending the WISAM Annual Conference, but with the ability to engage with the presentation without having to travel. We are bringing two worlds together for a shared unique experience!
  2. How do I register for the virtual conference series? Register for the virtual event by selecting one of the registration options that best suits you. You can register for one, two or all three dates available. WISAM members and non-members have different price ranges. Purchasing all three days will give you a $25 discount. Check out our registration webpage. If you have additional questions or are unsure which best fits you, please email us. If you are unable to attend the live sessions on a particular day, you will receive the recording afterwards.
  3. When will I receive the instructions for attending the virtual event? WISAM staff will contact you and make sure you are prepared for this unique experience and will send you the necessary instructions within a couple of days of the event date. NOTE: each day will have separate zoom details. Make sure that the email address associated with your registration is accurate and up to date so that there is no delay in receiving our communications.
  4. Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event? Most up to date computers and mobile devices such as laptops, desktops, and handheld tablets are capable of running the virtual event for you. Feel free to double check your internet browser, internet connection, and network settings to be sure they are optimized for your viewing experience.  Please download the Zoom programming/app prior to the day-of the event. If you need further assistance in order to get ready for the virtual event, visit the Zoom site.
  5. What do I need to do on the day of the virtual event? One day prior to the event, you will receive a reminder that will look a lot like the initial virtual event email that you will have received a couple of days prior to the event. This will contain a link that will allow you to join the Zoom Webinar. Presentations for the day will run in the order listed on the schedule. The system will allow you into the Zoom Webinar right before the session starts. Each presentation will end with final Q+A before the next speaker begins their presentation. You will receive access to the evaluation after each day you attend. This process will repeat for each day you wish to attend. After the full live series ends, please make sure you completed the eval for your attended sessions in order to receive your credit/certificate. 
  6. Do I have access to all of the educational sessions? During registration, you are given the opportunity to select which days you’d like to attend virtually. It is up to you to decide which sessions interest you and to attend those sessions as desired. You may attend as many or as few sessions as you want. If you are unable to attend the sessions live, you will be provided the recordings afterwards. You will only receive the recordings for the day(s) that you register/pay for. 
  7. Will I be able to see the presenters for each session? Yes. You will be able to see all general/ educational session speakers along with their presentations. You will also see the moderators. All attendee video/audio is muted. 
  8. How will I earn credit for the educational sessions? WISAM has been approved for CME credit through ASAM. To earn credit for any educational session you attend, you will have to respond to/ complete the evaluation (survey) provided after each day you attend.
  9. Can I ask questions during the educational sessions? We encourage you to send any questions you may have prior to the presentations. You may also ask questions at any time using the Questions + Answer feature or the Chat feature that Zoom offers.  These tools allow virtual attendees to pose questions from within the online conference and allows the panelists (presenters) and/or attendees to view questions from within the webinar. The questions displayed will be monitored by the moderator for response during the live session or afterwards as a follow up.
  10. Can I share my virtual conference login information with other members of my team? For every paid registration to attend virtually, only one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) will be allowed to enter the virtual conference. The credits earned and the questions asked within that single login session are all tied to the account of the individual that purchased the virtual event.
  11. Can I access and view recordings of any sessions from the conference? Your virtual conference registration includes access to all educational session recordings that you have purchased after the event concludes. Don’t worry, you can view any sessions you missed out on as soon as the recordings for those sessions are made available. All recorded sessions will be available for you to access at no additional charge after original purchase. 
  12. As a virtual attendee, how do I access my certificate and credits for attending the conference? For all the sessions that you completed all requirements for (completing the session survey), you will receive a certificate through WISAM. After all three live virtual sessions occur, WISAM office staff will send a certificate with the corresponding number of hours you have completed.
  13. How can I listen to recorded sessions and earn additional credits post-conference? Once the online recordings are uploaded with all relevant materials, you can purchase and listen to any recorded sessions. However, you can only earn credits when you watch a full recorded session through and complete the post-test evaluation at the end of the recording. 

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